Online Mixing & Mastering Service for your Music

Our Online Mixing Service is here to bring your music to the next level, ready for radio play and professional release

Online mixing engineer Isaac Grinsdale. Over 12 years in the industry.

Online mixing facility, making your music sound great everywhere

Top quality analogue and digital equipment

Quality Matters

Our Online Mixing Provides an affordable and convenient way for musicians to take advantage of the best mixing expertise and world class equipment.  Our facilities and our experience, married with our value for money make Signal Chain Mixing® the ideal place to have your song mixed and mastered.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Our exceptional service and top-quality mixing facilities help our musicians gain recognitionincrease sales, and meet the vision for their music.  Quality mixing & mastering will make sure your music sounds great on any playback system and ensures it competes with other commercial releases.

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Lets Your Ears Decide 

Our online mixing service provides top quality results, which is the most important aspect of our business.  We pride ourselves on our ability to compete with the very best studio mixes on the planet, but we wouldn't want you to take our word for it... Take a listen to our portfolio and decide for yourself.  

Alternative/ Rock

Mixed Genre - Modern/ Hip-Hop/ Pop

Pop/ Acoustic/ Reggae


Indie/ Pop

Garage Rock/ Grunge

Metal/ Hardcore

Acoustic/ Pop

Live Acoustic

Rock/ Pop

Online Mixing Service - The Studio

The Studio

All our projects are mixed in an acoustically purpose built mixing facility that houses the very best digital and analogue technologies.  The equipment, combined with our skill and expertise, puts us in the best position possible to help your realise the full potential of your music.  We often use Signal Chain's live room for re-amplification, getting superb guitar sounds from our range of guitar amps, often far exceeding the quality of guitar sounds sent to us. 

Signal Chain Studios is also a full purpose recording studio used by local musicians. 

Have your music mixed here by a professional

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We have chosen the equipment with meticulous attention to detail, with both quality and versatility in mind.  It's important to have this variety for tools, ensuring we realise your vision for your songs.  The equipment in our online mixing facility includes a selection of world class outboard gear, a choice of excellent microphones/ amplifiers (in case re-amplification is required) and a host of the best digital processing available.

Put simply, the journey your sound takes at Signal Chain Mixing Studios is as good the best studios in the world.

Range of Digital and analogue music mixing tools